Ambassador Raine Tarka Golegio

Ambassador Raine Tarka Golegio is a Public Administration and Mass Communication student at the United Methodist University (UMU) in Monrovia, Liberia pursuing an undergraduate degree. a freelance journalist, a youth leader and a fellow enrolling in the GIST I HUB TECHNOLOGY & ENTREPRENEURSHIP program at the US Embassy near Monrovia.


Golegio has served as a communication specialist and volunteer at several profitable and nonprofitable organizations both local and international levels. He’s the current communication specialist of the One Help One Charity Foundation in Paynesville city.

Ambassador Raine Tarka Golegio was selected as the first Liberian ambassador at the International Global Network (IGN) based in Jakarta Indonesia among 500+ applicants following application and online interview.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +231881630330
WhatsApp: +231776740673


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