Apply for an Office Manager position at FLEGT Facilitation Liberia

Apply for an Office Manager position at FLEGT Facilitation Liberia
Apply for an Office Manager position at FLEGT Facilitation Liberia

Deadline: October 19, 2019


FLEGT Facilitation Liberia is looking for a passionate, dedicated and hardworking person to occupy the vacant space of OFFICE MANAGER at their office in Monrovia. The manager will be responsible to provide administrative supports and also sending a monthly report to the UK office. All interested candidate must read the full job descriptions and requirements below.


  1. Bolster the planning, following, and conveyance of FLEGT Stakeholder gatherings.
  2. Report month to month to the UK Head Office and FLEGT Liberia Office on undertaking financials.
  3. Manage partner and FLEGT undertaking contacts/work bunches through telephone, email, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.
  4. Manage record documenting, printing, duplicating and filtering as required.
  5. Draft visiting worldwide crucial, supporting in the booking of gatherings with significant FLEGT partners and activities.
  6. Document gatherings as required, through account and appropriating notes to pertinent participants.
  7. Assist in the arrangement of the FLEGT Office and assembly of the Facilitator.
  8. Provide everyday oversight and direction to the Office Assistant, Maintenance Officer, Security Guards, and specially appointed structure upkeep staff.
  9. Provide Travel and visa the board for venture bolster missions, and contributor visits.
  10. Manage FLEGT Office obtainment procedures and stock.
  11. Any other managerial or money-related activities as required by the FLEGT Facilitator.


  1. Must have an Undergraduate degree and above.
  2. Experience in a global advancement setting would be an advantage – with illustrated enthusiasm for administration, condition, or exchange bolster ventures.
  3. Strong individual characteristics: uprightness, lack of bias, comprehensiveness and inventive critical thinking.
  4. Attention to detail and exactness in bookkeeping.
  5. Ability to fulfill time constraints with the flexibility of changing outstanding tasks at hand.


All interested persons that meet this requirement should send their CV and COVER LETTER to [email protected] before the deadline on October 19, 2019.


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