Vacancy for IT Professional at GIZ

Vacancy for IT Professional at GIZ
Vacancy for IT Professional at GIZ

Deadline: April 27, 2019


GIZ – Salary Band 4A, IT Professional
Salary band 4 –
Professional 4A
IT Professional – 3A
Reports to: Director of Administration and Finance
Duty Station Monrovia

IT and digital tools are used extensively by the GIZ employees to achieve its business
objectives. Consequently, professionals working in the IT unit ensure that all relevant IT
systems are working as they should and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

A. Responsibilities
The IT professional will work to provide support to colleagues in the GIZ CO and projects.
Responsibilities are:
▪ Maintain all working hardware and software (IT infrastructure) in optimum condition to
minimize interruption to GIZ work
▪ Ensure that the IT systems in use comply with guidelines relating to IT and data
▪ identifying relevant problems and issues and assisting in formulating implementation-oriented solutions
▪ further developing instruments and assisting in introducing innovation and change
▪ managing knowledge by disseminating and documenting know-how, experience and

The IT professional performs the following tasks:
B. Tasks
1. IT Infrastructure and tools (hardware, software, and networks)
The IT professional
▪ ensures that IT on site is up to date according to GIZ IT guidelines
▪ is well connected to colleagues from GIZ division DIGITS and other IT professionals
▪ assists in purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware (notebooks, printers, digital cameras, scanners, servers, and all PCs) in accordance with current GIZ standards
▪ monitors the state of hardware and software in use and in consultation with management helps purchase and improve hardware and networks assists with testing new hardware systems and identifies options for upgrading existing systems and peripherals
▪ helps maintain all GIZ standard and custom software used in the field structure (e.g.
MS Office, WINPACCS, SAP, Payroll, Skype for Business)
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▪ helps update and purchase new software
▪ Monitors the internet connections in use to ensure maximum uptime
▪ helps maintain local area network (LAN)
2. IT Security

The IT professional
▪ helps monitor vulnerabilities in the communications networks used to ensure data
leaks are prevented
▪ helps design and monitor existing set up to ensure compliance to GIZ IT and data
security regulations
▪ helps regularly update antivirus software and relevant operating system
updates/patches to ensure a secure working environment
▪ helps maintain user permissions and access to a local shared filing system
▪ helps in data backup to ensure the possibility of the total recovery
3. Operational support

The IT professional
▪ in consultation with management and within the limits of his/her authority to act,
consults with suppliers to ensure that the network, telephone system and computer
hardware function properly
▪ incorporates market developments on relevant IT issues on his/her own initiative
4. General tasks
The IT professional
▪ carries out and ensures general administration of the entire IT system
▪ backs up data and safeguards the system against hackers
▪ resolves all computer and internet problems, prepares all the necessary information
and provides phone support
▪ ensures an IT emergency service
▪ assists in advising on IT projects
▪ maintains a list of all hardware and software systems, and updates this to reflect
▪ documents the installation and settings on the server and on all computers.
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5. Other duties/additional tasks
The IT professional
▪ performs other duties and tasks at the request of management
C. Required qualifications, competencies and experience

▪ BSc/MSc in IT
▪ Certification for Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016, Windows 10 and MS Office
2016/365 or equivalent experience.
▪ Outstanding knowledge of IT hardware and software used, computer network
systems, database software, network security.
▪ Ideally, knowledge of GIZ systems and specific GIZ software (SAP, WINPACCS,

Professional experience
▪ 3 years’ experience in an IT position or similar experience in IT area Other knowledge, additional competencies
▪ outstanding working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
▪ good knowledge and command of the English is a must, knowledge of German will be added advantage
▪ willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding
measures are agreed with management.


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